Monday, February 7, 2011

Pancake Day! With Banana Bread Too?

 I love Sundays.  Jay and I get up early, have a coffee, and hang out while we wait for the girls to wake up.  Miah usually wakes up early, but Laurel likes to sleep in.  Around ten Jay makes pancakes and sausage, and Laurel gets up.  The fun part of the morning is the "Dobby Pancake Dance"  Dobby likes Jay's pancakes so much she twirls, dances, and jumps.  Sometimes she does this the entire time he's cooking!

Yesterday, Jay was feeling "extra awesome" and not only washed the dishes for me, he snuck into the kitchen while I was catching up on tv and made Banana Bread!  It was perfectly moist, sweet and bananalicious!  I couldn't help myself, this is what I had for breakfast along with my coffee.  It's so cute how he comes into the front room to announce his awesomeness.  Ah, I love this man.  And yes, Jay, we all know you are awesome! 

"Oh, but I can't get enough..."

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