Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Idle Wednesday (Correction)

Marigold Dye, and Imagination!

( I know I was supposed to post my polymer clay stuff, but I am still working on it!  Next week!)
The mini Goffs made Marigold dye, and dyed strips of cloth for the last bead mix I got from Sara. I love the color, and it was too cute to just sit in a tin, so I have been pondering possible uses for a while.
I took the strip of cloth and ironed it on the highest setting to set the color, then I sewed it in half lengthwise, and spent a good ten minutes using a knitting needle to turn it right side out. I then stuffed wooden beads inside and working from the middle I knotted them in place. Then, after much digging in my drawers, I came up with the antique buckle clasp. The finished project looks great with the white linen shirt I'm wearing! Thanks mini Goffs!! I love you guys!

Sara sent me the pics of the mini Goffs actually picking the flowers, and making the dye:

Big Squishy Hugs!  <3

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