Monday, February 28, 2011

It's The Small Things...

These are a few of the things that make me smile.
  1. The smell of coffee.
  2. Opening a jar of peanut butter and being the first one to dip the spoon in.
  3. The smell of freshly cut grass.
  4. The strange quality of light just before sunset, especially in the spring, when there is just a slight chill in the air.
  5. The smell of rain, and better yet, wet asphalt after a rain.
  6. The sound of birds chirruping in the morning.
  7. The sound of a hundred soldiers singing cadence, and doing PT in the morning.
  8. The distant sound of rifle fire, as soldiers qualify for their weapons.
  9. The smell of WD-40
  10. Pancake Day with Jay.
  11. Hand picked wildflowers, especially when picked by husbands, and particularly if they were nabbed from the front yard.
  12. Really crazy thunderstorms, complete with rolling thunder, and lighting that cracks and makes your hairs stand on end.
  13. The feeling you get when you accomplish a goal.  Even if it's something small, like getting a room completely clean and organized, just the way you want it.  (Yesterday the kids and I cleaned out the basement, threw things away, organized the rest, and then I weeded, cut back the decorative grasses, and raked leaves out of the flowerbeds.  Even though I am sore, and blistered, I feel so good knowing that all of that got accomplished.  I even had the girls blowing up the pool toys to check for holes, and washing the dirt off of them.  Spring cleaning starts in February here, it was 80 yesterday!!!!)
  14. The sound of the tea kettle whistling. 
  15. Rolling around on the floor with kids, dogs, and husband.  (We did that last night, and laughed ourselves silly!)
  16. The feeling of the sun warming your skin.
  17. Compliments on my jewelry.
  18. Learning something new.
  19. A good debate.
  20. Teaching the dog a new trick!  Harley is learning how to shake.  She knows "Sit", "Lay down", and "Get your butt back here!"  lol  She also stays close by without having to have a leash on.  Awesome!
  21. The sounds of a distant train.
  22. Whippoorwills, Bobwhites, Cicadas, and Mocking Birds.  
  23. The smell of hay.
  24. A brand new book.
  25. Re-reading old favorites.
  26. The first five minutes after Jay comes home.  (The house is chaos....the dogs dance around Jay and make it impossible to hug him hello, or for him to take his boots off. )
  27. Making someone smile.
  28. Helping strangers. Or friends.  Or both. :)
  29. Having a completely clean house.
  30. Jay sneaking downstairs before me and doing some of my chores.  

I'll do more later.  I woke up sore from the work I did yesterday, but I slept pretty well, and woke up in a great mood.  It got even better when I went outside and it was already I felt like making a list of things that made me happy.  It never hurts to remember, does it?
I hope you have 30 things to think about to make you smile. What are your top 5?

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