Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Old Idea, New Application

I was thinking in the car, waiting for the girls to get out of school, that I need a visual reminder of my weight loss journey. If I had something I could keep with me all the time that would remind me of my ultimate goal, it might be easier to stick to it. I got to thinking about other ways I had marked time, or achievements and thought I'd steal from one of my own favorite ideas. When Jay leaves for training or war (Said so casually now, how sad.) The girls and I make either pie charts out of paper plates marking the passage of months, or paper chains marking the days. I didn't want to start a chain mail sort of project to mark each pound lost because it wouldn't be wearable for a long while, so rather I thought to make a bracelet that I could mark each pound lost with a bead. So, above you have the start of my project. Every week (hopefully) I will be able to add another bead...I'm just not sure yet if I will draw from the same few beads, or if it will be a mishmash of many different kinds. Maybe for particularly hard weeks, or special goals met I'll find something special to add, like a charm, or elaborate silver bead. I'm just not sure yet. I used brass, copper and sterling silver metals together to give myself some versatility, the large round beads are those luscious garnet beads I love so much, and the dangles are pearl, and a mystery bead I have a strand of. I hate it when bead shops don't label things. I'll never remember what it is, and it would be so helpful to have the knowledge!
I have a couple of projects in the works, so I hope to get those posted soon.

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