Thursday, January 28, 2010

I always say,

give a small person a little power, and they will turn into Hitler. Well, maybe not so bad in THIS situation, but bad enough to send me to my treadmill to try to sweat out my anger. Someone needs to tell my weight watchers leader that exercise doesn't make the anger go away. It did however make me too tired to go back to the kitchen to GET the food. So maybe she was right, after all.

Every afternoon I spend about two hours in my car waiting for my kids after school. You have to get to the school to start the line if you are going to get out of the parking lot at any sort of decent hour. After picking Laurel up, I drive over to Miah's school, where I wait another hour. At Miah's school they have these evil little kids who are supposed to open your car door to let your kid in the car, teachers to micromanage how and when you drive, and more teachers to call out the name of students who's parents are ready to pick them up. Too many small people, with just enough power to make a regular gal crazy. Normally everything runs smoothly, not to include the time one of the kids slammed Miah's foot in the sliding van door. (Kids don't touch my car any more. The VP made sure of this. It's a huge bone of contention for me. My nine year old knows how to OPEN a CAR door!, but I digress) yesterday there was a substitute teacher on the sidewalk. I'm assuming that her job there was to keep order and make sure that there are no students running off. I've never seen her before, and she has no clue who I am, or which car Miah is supposed to go to, so she couldn't possibly be in charge of students getting to the proper car! I was parked where I always am, in line, ready to pull up. Miah saw my van and starts walking towards me like she always does, when this broad throws her arm up to cut her off and tells her to walk in the opposite direction. Miah tried to pipe up and let her know that I was a mere five feet away, well within the safety zone, but the woman refused to listen to Miah, and cut her off. Miah sighed and started walking, while I am starting to wonder what the bleep is going on. I pull forward to get into Miah's line of sight and tell her to hurry up and get into the car. We have a limited amount of time in which she needs to get home, do homework, do her chores, and get ready to do spelling with Daddy when he gets home. We have two hours a night with Jay, in which dinner, spelling practice, how was your day talk, and possibly a little tv and kids cuddling with their dad on the couch. So I'm not messing around. The dog needs to go out as soon as we get home, and she won't wait! Miah does as she is told, like the good little girl she is. SHE knows who her boss is. The teacher actually walked up to MY car, and grabbed Miah's shoulder as if to pull her out of the car, and tells her that she WILL walk to the end of the sidewalk, and she WILL follow the rules. I told her (the teacher) at least three times to please just let Miah in the car b/c hell, she's already half in! She starts talking about how the rules this and the rules that, and blah blah blah....and how if I stop there then I'm holding up the line. Was the line moving at this point, you ask? NO! WHY you say? Well, because this woman is yelling into my car, that's why! She actually started to correct Miah in my presence, and tell her to not listen to me, that there are rules, and poor Miah has a look on her face, as Laurel described it that said "Oh, some one's HEAD is going to come off" She was actually ducking and cowering in the opening of the door! I saw all this and told Miah under no uncertain terms that she was to get in the car and buckle up. The teacher said, well, I'll just go talk to Mr. (*****) the principal. So I said, "Go ahead, but it won't matter, because I'M her MOTHER!)
She never did talk to the principal....but I DID. I was up half the night yelling at them in my head. I wanted to yank her ear off. This morning Jay and I dropped Miah off in the Lobby, and headed to the office. Thankfully the principal was nice, he listened, and offered to talk to Miah (Which we did already, she was disturbed to say the least) Needless to say, that teacher won't be getting any jobs any time soon at that school. I'm still so irritated I could choke someone. I can't believe that any woman would dare put a hand on my kid. Jay's main concern was that if she was willing to grab Miah and get physical in front of me, what is she willing to do when alone? I've met some evil subs, some of which went home crying after my dad got a hold of them, but even at their worst, I've NEVER seen a teacher put a hand on a student!

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