Monday, October 31, 2011


The house is completely done.  Jay will go to the inspection tomorrow am.  Everybody is so happy to be in the hotel!  We're so tired!

Even the pups are pooped!

Look at that hairy face!


Harley putting a stop to the kids play fighting.

Seriously, she meant it! lol
One last snag...Driving over to the hotel with the trailer on the back of the jeep, I realized that we were given bad information.  The Jeep can only haul after I practically faint with irritation, frustration, and exhaustion...we made some seriously last minute decisions in the nick of time.  We switched the uhaul for a penske truck that can haul Jay's car.  It only cost 700$. Gulp!  Jay will pick it up in the morning after we sign the house back over.
I finished the last bit of cleaning tonight.  I left the side door on my hands and knees wiping the last bit of dirt off of the threshold.  I have never been more tired in my life.  Because of the truck issue we didn't get to go hang out with Xavier and Donna before we leave, but after all this I really just needed to take a shower and sleep for about twelve hours.  Too bad we have to get up seriously early.

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