Wednesday, October 5, 2011


The house is empty.  We set air mattresses up in the front room and the dogs decided that these were for them.  My dogs are seriously spoiled. 
Last night we slept in the front room in an empty house.  The echos are driving me crazy.  Jay decided to leave the dog's cages outside and let them sleep with us on the airbed.  Harley spent the night with her giant head on my chest.  I'm still sore from laying perfectly still, and I have a spot on my chest that feels bruised.  The dog's head must weigh twenty pounds.  I tried to wake her up to make her move, but she didn't' budge.  I thought for a few minutes that she might be dead...but finally she grunted and got off of me begrudgingly. This is going to be a long month...

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