Friday, October 7, 2011


Jay got the computer set up today!  He also finished clearing, so he no longer belongs to this post.  He went to the rental company and put in our notice.  I have a list of 26 things I need to clean before we can leave.  I'm working from the top down and closing off the bedrooms after I clean them out.  Today I vacuumed the rooms, used the magic squares to wipe marks off the walls, (Those things are my favorite cleaning tool ever.) and Jay did some spot cleaning on the rugs.  It seems you cannot have two dogs and two children without having the occasional accident.  Tonight Jay took Laurel to the game two hours away, and tomorrow we are all going to the second competition, so I guess Sunday is the next day that we are going to get anything done.
Good news came by phone two days ago.  We have a house!  They aren't moving out until next month, so we are leaving the day they get out, and we will be able to set up house immediately.  Fingers crossed that it actually works out that way!

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