Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Idle Wednesday

More Sara Beads!

I guess I got inspired this week! I have been playing with beads for days, trying to come up with something cool, and this is where I landed. The large bead in the center is Alaska Jade. I used a found object as the backing for the pin/pendant, and gun metal wire to wrap the beads. I didn't get too fancy with the wire, because I was really trying to leave the beads as visible as possible. On the reverse I wired a pin back, then made a converter out of the same wire so that this piece can either be a pin, or a pendant. I'd like to find some complementary beads and make a simple strand of beads for this to dangle from. I'll post later if I get around to it. I just think adding this to a simple chain would look odd. So, what do you think about this weeks entry?

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