Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thy Gypsy Geoff Show (Fire!)

Check out the costume!

He told us to scream and make tons of noise every time he drank for the cup. At one point he accidentally stepped in the cup and fell over.

The audience members really participate in his show. The kids passed the plates back and forth while they are spinning. The kid in the white shirt is a real character!

This guy is incredibly clumsy for a dude that plays with fire! He kept falling all over himself!

How cool is that? What you can't tell is that the tub at the top is spinning!

This is a kid from the audience. He was given the black hat (to hold the money) and told to look cute and beg for money. He donned the hat and stuck his lower lip out, and was so cute the guy gave him this tub to collect the money in. He was so adorable!

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