Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Chuck E.(vil) Cheese

Sheila, Scotty and the kids were visiting for a few days, so we had to entertain ourselves somehow. We tend to be pretty boring, we don't drink, or go to bars, and the only hobbies we have are thing you do alone, so Sheila's brilliant idea was to go play games at Chuck E Cheese. Uggg. They all had fun though. I walked around watching my kids like a hawk, and making sure that the scary man that was there alone was staying away from my girls. I even took a couple of pictures of him after he tried to talk to Miah. I hate those people. The ones who don't' realize that to any sane mom they look like a threat, no matter how nice they seem! Sheila and Jay rolled their eyes at me, but I say it pays to be paranoid! He seemed to be right next to us the whole time. Ekk.

Just getting started. (There is the creepy dude)

Miah's pretty excited about all the tickets

Scotty racing with Keason

Jay playing Deal or No Deal

Sheila, and the guy in the background...

Gathering up her tickets

Laurel in her new sweatshirt from Manny, and that dang guy again!

They were really getting into this one, Miah kept jumping around

Sheila lost Deal or No Deal. She's so much fun to watch!

Scotty smiling for Sheila

They just realized all those tickets, and 25$ only net them some pop rocks and an alien on a parachute. lol!!
Look at Laurel's feet. She did get something from me!

Keason, Scotty and Becky (note the kid n play hair do in the background, so funny!)

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