Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Idle Wenesday

Something quick and useful!

I saw some homemade washcloths on that were a lot more expensive than they needed to be, and I thought "I can do that!"
I used organic cotton yarn for the washcloths, and hemp for the body scrubber. I saved myself $20 having used yarn and hemp that I had in my art room, rather than buying the things on Etsy. I think that at Micheal's I paid maybe $5 for the red, and about $3 for the hemp. It took a couple of Sunday night tv shows to complete the stack, so this is definitely something you can do mindlessly. I just used a basic double stitch. Oh, and I also discovered that the cotton squares make decent hot pads if you happen to be sick and eating soup out of a bowl resting on your chest. I just placed one under the bowl to keep from scalding my skin, I wouldn't pull a casserole out of the oven with it!!

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