Wednesday, November 24, 2010


We don't usually make too big of a deal about Thanksgiving. We have a very small family just me, Jay, Laurel, Miah, Billie (my mom), Mom's Hubby Ron, and brother Jason. Usually we are far flung, sometimes we are all together at the same time, but mostly it seems that one or more of us are too far away to get "home" for the big meal. However, for the past three years now we have had one person that has been with us no matter the distance. My friend Sheila. Two years ago we were all together for the first time in years because Jay got home from Iraq on Thanksgiving day. Everybody drove down to Fort Campbell to welcome him home, and I made a big meal. Last year my little branch of the family drove to Glasgow to have dinner with Mom, Ron and Sheila's family, and this year Sheila and Scotty are driving the eight hours to eat with us. Mom is doing her own thing, and who knows what Jason is doing.
This is usually the time of year where everyone makes lists. Lists of christmas presents to buy, grocery lists for those big meals we're going to make for Thanksgiving, lists of things we are thankful for... This year my list is all about my friends. I couldn't survive without them. Even so far away, and though we don't talk much, just those few minutes of chatting, or the odd comment on facebook, or the occasional phone call make me feel like I am loved. So here goes my list:

I am thankful for: (in no particular order)
Jeremiah La Forest
Sara Goff
Sheila Posey
Virgil Goff
Adam Leahy
Gina Griffiths
Angilita Rincon
Katie Hubbard
April Mathews
Jennifer Dennison
Julie Reed
Marcia Beyer
Kathy Smith
Jennifer Godsey
PJ Kerr
ALL of my weight watcher friends (who I don't know as well as I'd like, but every week you guys keep me going!)

In one way or another you guys have made me laugh, gave me advice, helped me out, had great debates, or just reached out to me in a way that made me feel happy. I am very grateful for that, because without you this duty station would be so much harder to deal with!

So, happy Thanksgiving. I wish you all safe travels, good food, and plenty of things to be grateful for!

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