Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Idle Wednesday

Expanding and Painting for a Coffee/Game Table

This table used to be perfectly square, and evergreen tree green. After many days, and ten completely ruined fingernails, it is now this mustard yellow, and a foot and a half longer. Jay and I took another piece of furniture to Lowes to have it color matched. It was a pretty darned close job! The "Leaf" that I cut to size, sanded, then painted to match is the same piece of wood that the girls found at Sulfur Well park and used to "surf" on in the creek, so there is a cute story for the kids to remember when we use the table (Boy, that was a great day!)
I decided that since I already have this twenty dollar gallon of paint that a few more projects are going to be this color. The good news is that when or if I get tired of the color I know what will go into changing it. Mind you, this means it will take a heck of a long time for me to get tired of it! The sanding alone took me and my electric hand sander three days to complete, and more than a week to paint and then stain/polyurethane it. The awesome thing about this project is that now I have a much longer table in front of the couch that I can use to fold laundry, there is plenty of room for a gameboard, and if we want to eat dinner Japanese style, we all fit perfectly. I should mention that when we bought this table from the antique store it was about a foot taller than it is now, but Jay and I cut the legs to size. Not bad for $70 all together!

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