Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Idle Wednesday

Showing you an old one.

I painted this just after Jay's last deployment. I wanted to post it here even though it wasn't a new item because I am very attached to it. I never said I was a talented painter, I just like to play with the colors, goof off a little, and in this case, express my emotions. I was feeling Jay's absence acutely, and I felt like I needed to let it out. The decoupage items came from ripped out title pages of some of my books, pictures from time magazine, the Army Times, a photocopy of Jay's hand that I had done so I could "hold his hand" while he was gone, and a note Jay had written to me and slipped behind my favorite cd right before he left. He's always so good about doing little things like that, and I wanted one of the notes he left me that trip to be a part of it. My brother and his girlfriend both exclaimed over it, but I don't know if they meant what they said...people are so often full of crap. All I know is that I felt better when it was done, and when I look at it every day above my desk I remember how I felt that year, and it makes me glad that I at least know that whatever time Jay gets home tonight, he'll still be here. For now, I don't have to count myself among the army wives whose husbands are deployed.

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