Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy 31st Birthday to me!

Finally, a birthday in which I was not sick, we weren't moving to a new state, and Jay wasn't deployed!
Above photos courtesy of Google images. I didn't think to bring my camera, and it's probably a good thing. They were PACKED! The Kyoto restaurant wasn't as good at Yamato outside of gate one at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, but it was pretty good! Afterward we went toand had: (Mine is the huge one in the corner. I couldn't eat most of it)While eating our very-bad-for-us-treat, we listened to my new:
through the speakers of my new:This is an actual picture of my car, courtesy of I LOVE them, and will never buy a car from anyone else!

Mom also gave me my present from her early, which was a beautiful box of things she'd been collecting. Among the things she gave me were beads (yay) and a china set wind chime. Pretty cool! I had a great day. Now I have to get off the computer so that Miah can practice her spelling words. Thank you guys all for your birthday wishes! You all make me feel so good!

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