Thursday, April 8, 2010

Weight Watchers Update

I know, it's way past Tuesday, and I keep forgetting to post updates....But I lost 1.6 lbs this week! It's amazing what loosing almost ten pounds can do to make your clothes fit better!
Meanwhile, I'm using this week's spring break to get caught up on big household chores, the kids have been working their little tails off with me. Today we are planting our garden. Yesterday we turned the dirt over, and paid for it with blisters. We've been doing some major spring cleaning, my favorite of which was finally getting the Harry Potter closet (The closet under the stairs, get it?) cleaned out and organized. The kids rooms are a big project for later today, the front yard got mowed and raked, the kitchen got rearranged and scrubbed from top to bottom, the front room got dusted, polished, and vacuumed, and the art room got a good once over too. This is the main reason that I haven't really been on the computer for the past week. Too busy! I'm off to my favorite store to buy supplies...Lowe's!
On a sadder hometown has had a couple of big losses in the past weeks. I hate not being close enough to be able to do much to help, but please keep these two families in your thoughts, one family loosing everything including family members to a house fire, and the other loosing so many family members in an accident on the highway. I know that small towns are great for many things, and helping during tragedy is one of them. There is nothing like the outpouring of love and help you can be on the receiving end of, like my family was when our house burnt to the ground in 1998. You guys are in my thoughts as I look around my home and appreciate what and who I still have with me.

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