Friday, April 2, 2010

Savannah River Ecology Laboratory Field Trip

Jeremiah and the bullfrog.
Me and the alligator.
Miah and a corn snake.
Baby gator.
Miah caught a fish!
Baby turtle.
Very small fish, not that you can see them!
Checking traps. We found fish, dragonfly larvae and turtles.
Freshly caught snake!
The lizard lost it's tail while trying to escape. He also has a tiny tick attached to the underside of one arm.
George, the tortoise.
Miah, Ms. Hull, and George.
HUGE pine cones!
Flying squirrel living in a manmade nesting box. They are free to roam, the box is just so the scientists can study them.
Ms. Hull's class. Miah is holding a snake hook that she got to use to check traps.

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