Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Meet Ama!

This story starts with, I'm nuts. 
Actually, this story start with, JAY GOT PROMOTED!! He was the 13th person to get selected, and will be a SFC on May 1st.  We've been waiting forever it seems, and I am so proud of Jay.  Well deserved promotion, if I do say so myself!
To celebrate his new promotion, all Jay wanted was a metal dector. What does this have to do with a dog? WELL, the silly man asked me what I wanted.  I helped him with his promotion, or so he claims, and I deserve a celebratory prize.  I asked for a puppy.  Only half joking, and a bad idea, I told him to ignore that, I'll take some new ceramic pots and pans.  He replied with...well if one falls in our lap...I can't tell you no...anything to make you happy...
I told him he was nuts and it was probably a bad idea.
So, Ama fell into our laps.  I went out to lunch with Jay and his soldiers at Buffalo Wild Wings one day a week or so ago, and one of them randomly asked us if we wanted a puppy.  She said, "They're Dorkies!" and showed me a picture.  They were so cute...and a Dorkie would fit right in with us! What made me want her was that she is the only girl in the litter, and was so stubborn she was the only one born on Mach 18th, while all of her brothers were born on the 17th. She just sounded like a La Forest right from the start! So what started out as a joke turned into this pretty little girl.  I am absolutely in love with her. She is incredibly smart...and funny, energetic, playful, and loving.  She is already crate trained. Only two nights of no sleeping because of puppy squeaks, and one night because I was worried she was hurt because she was so quiet! Ama is well on her way to being potty trained. She is paper trained and we are working on her being housebroken. She is still too little to really get it, but she is holding it until she gets out of her bag, and that is an awesome start.  We did buy her a puppy bag for car trips, so I'm taking her everywhere so she gets used to it.  I am seriously committed to making sure she is a well rounded little pup. 
OH, and her name...Ama is latin for Love. It's what Jay calls me...and what this little girl is all about.
You might wonder what Harley and Dobby think of this new development...Both are scared to death of her, and curious at the same time.  They tiptoe around her like they are elephants inspecting a mouse.  She is only one pound, and Dobby has eight whole pounds on her, so I think they are worried about hurting her. Harley started to get comfortable yesterday apparently, because we caught her standing on the stool twirling in circles, and tagging the puppy on her head with her nose.  She has also been trying to lay on the floor lower than Ama and sniff her.  It's absolutely hilarious.  I was worried when Ama started carrying around one of Harley's tennis ball halves, but there was no freak out.  She might bark like a nut, but Harley really is an awesome dog. 

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