Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jay's Birthday

An abandoned factory in Jefferson City

An old prison.  Made me thing of The Walking Dead. It was a tad creepy.

The State Capitol Building.  It has multiple personality disorder. There are Greek, Latin, Aztec, and American influences.  weird, but pretty.

The Missouri River


Female Cardinal

My Jeep and the Capitol Building

The Cardinal Couple

My family!


The Train Station in Jefferson City

Laurel hates trains. Miah is just being Miah.

Jay was so happy about his first train ride he told EVERYONE!

The Osage River

Miah passed out!

Hermann, Mo


I couldn't eat it all.  I was full until bedtime.  The Ruben Burger.

Miah was in charge of the snack bag...she killed the bananas and Jay had to clean it up...

Laurel bought an Artist's box with a palate and lots of goodies inside...

The main point of the trip was that Jay had never been on a train, but it just so happened that on the weekend after his birthday there were two different antique shows in Hermann, and the train stopped dead center in town.  We only had to walk a total o three blocks or so the whole day.  Oh, and what a great day it was. 
There was a small hiccough near the end of the day, which might have been avoided by me, but I couldn't help myself.  A group of very, no, extremely drunk semi-adults were on the train in the morning...when they got to the train stop at the end of the day they were even more drunk.  Long story short, they tried to invade the building where my and another family were trying to remain separate from their "Girls gone wild" type behavior (They were mostly males, but one particularly gross skank was with them too) without thinking, pure reaction, I got between my kids, and this other family's two and eight year olds, and one particular 23/24ish dude who was easily a me and a half. I honestly don't remember much of what was said, except I threatened him bodily harm after the kids left, and he told me, "Congratulations on being a bad person!" which made me laugh my butt off.  Laurel informs me that SHE was trying to get up to "Have my back" and I pushed her back down in the seat.  I don't really remember that....but I do remember Jay standing up with me, but whether he was there to protect me, or the two drunk guys, I don't know...I do know that afterwards it was funny, and I really ticked that idiot off....and my kids learned a lesson.  They were both horrified and disgusted by this group...and the girl, who flashed her entire disgusting front to everyone in the crowd in the middle of town...
Besides that...We got to see some really great antiques.  I felt like we were at a museum where you could pick things up.  I had to laugh, when one older lady tried to explain to Jay and I that the item we were looking at was a can opener (REALLY?! Do I look that dumb? I USE one of these things!) She was telling us about the history of the can opener, and to show her I wasn't an idiot, I told the kids about the fact that the can opener was invented AFTER the can. I hate it when older folks assume the younger generations are morons. I'll bet my dad was born before her father was...
My only complaints are that the prices were horribly inflated...and one of the vendors kept telling me his stuff wasn't for sale.  I did get him to part with a couple of photos, but he really missed out on a lot of money.  He was also a little bit of a jerk.  Who puts cool things on the table then jerks them away? He did it to me three times!! It wasn't even a ploy for more money...I love to bargain and barter, but he was just not into it.  Weird. 
I got one photo in particular that I am very excited about.  I'll post about it later, along with the others.  I have a ton of photos to share!!!

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