Tuesday, April 23, 2013

And That's All I Have to Say About That.

     One last post today...just to do a quick update.  Things don't really seem interesting enough to blog about until there is a ton of stuff going on at once it seems.
     We went to see Laurel's friend Barlow's play.  It was a LOONG three hours because of my lack of sleep lately, but it was funny.  "Dirty Work at the Crossroads" is a black and white silent movie era story, complete with a victim tied to train tracks.  It was exactly how you imagine a high school production would be. 
     Just last week we signed up for The Fresh 20 which has made dinner the last week easy, and enjoyable.  I have come to loathe making menus and grocery lists, but these guys do it for you!  Low budget, healthy (Turns out WW friendly!) food that tastes great.  I polled the family, and they all want to keep these recipes and do them again.  That is a major compliment, and I highly recommend!
     I embarrassed the heck out of myself on the 16th... Jay asked me to lunch with him and some of his soldiers...I was wearing my soft star shoes, and I slipped in the light drizzle. I hit my knee, and slammed my finger into a pillar when I tried to catch myself. If Jay hadn't been holding my hand I would have face-planted.
You should have seen the look on the waitress' faces when they asked if I was okay. They looked as if I was going to sue! I had to giggle a bit. They were really nice and brought me ice, though.

     Jay and I got Samsung galaxy phones from our home phone carrier last week. I asked if we could get rid of the home phone to save money, and the lady said that it would end up being the same price because I "have a reeeealy nice package".
She did not laugh when I said "Why, THANK you!"
Jay and I almost cried, we were laughing so hard. Thank god it was over the phone, or she would have thought we were nuts.

     One of Jay's soldiers was at the Boston Marathon last week.  It doesn't seem to have bothered him that he ran past two bombs, and was spared a horrid experience merely because he trained well and ran fast.  He was on his was to the airport when the bombs went off, and just got out before everything was locked down.  I was in my car, yelling at Sean Hannity and calling him a moron, when he cut himself off to relay the news. It instantly occurred to me that this soldier was there, and I was worried.  The initial reports after an incident like this are unreliable, and wild and I had no idea whether this was a small matter, or another 9/11.  This is part of the reason I agreed to get a cellphone. I had no way to call Jay to find out what was going on, and it drove me crazy.  This particular soldier was fine, but another soldiers family was there and got injured, so it was nerve wracking. There isn't much I can say, except I wish this sort of thing would stop happening...and I wish there was something we could all do to make that a reality.
     One last thing.   I got into a fight with my extended family a little while back.  Now, I try to keep the very personal things out of my blog, the intimate details of my life that are not internet fodder, but for this one subject I am making an exception.  I think that I have waited a reasonable amount of time, allowing for thought and reflection before I just open my mouth.  The argument was rather simple, really. A while back, my brother mentioned on his blog that he wanted to write a book about his life and how he grew up.  By extension, I thought, this meant he may mention me, or my father (Who passed away when I was 14 and is then obviously no longer here to defend himself against my brothers poor and prejudiced memory.) I asked my mother to talk to him about this, and let him know that I didn't want anything about me written anywhere.  My story is mine to tell, and mine to edit as I see fit.  I thought that she understood what I meant, and she had a conversation with him about it.  To my surprise, not but a couple of weeks later, my mother herself wrote a story on Bub's blog about me and a friend of mine that was not in the last bit flattering.  Now, I might not have been nearly as mad if I hadn't been very specific about my wishes just a short time before...but there it is.  I called them both on it, and it only took a day for the post to come down, but of course, things are never gone when it comes to the internet.  I decided that the best course of action was to not argue about it. I just shut them off and out.  I am extremely careful about the people I surround myself with...and all of them are people I love and trust. I refuse to have to deal with people that call me names, refuse to let me grow, are negative, and suck the happy right out of me. So if you are still reading my blog, there is your answer.  And if you are one of the people that read that post on my brother's blog, I'm sorry to the friend with whom it concerned, and I have grown up since that incident.  The funny thing is, while my brother was screaming at me to own up to being a bad mother, and my mother was trying to say it didn't make me look bad, neither of them actually knew the whole story, and it was a damn sight better than you thought.
 And that's all I have to say about that.

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