Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weight Watchers and My Struggle to Maintain Motivation

Why is it that when people who have lost a hundred lbs get interviewed, they never mention the hard parts? The parts where you get hypothermia while crying and struggling up a huge hill, or you get fed up and get the desperate urge to sabotage yourself and eat a triple burger from Wendy's. I think those people suck.
We have made a new rule. If its below 32, we don't walk. I can't take it. Last night was the worst three miles I've walked so far...
I can't seem to lose any weight unless I bust my ass to the point of being half dead, so I have no choice. This is a terrible struggle for me. And I don't like doing it. It feels like such a huge waste every time I step on the scale and only lose a tenth of a pound, or god forbid I don't walk for a week during an ice storm, and gain a full pound!! Even though I did an extra hour and a half on the bike that I don't usually do. I have a feeling that next Tuesday isn't going to be very good either. I used extra points to have some coffee ice cream, that I really NEEDED! And every time I use extra weekly points I don't do well.
I am faithfully getting up every single morning at 5 am to bike for thirty minutes, then on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Mondays Jay and I walk the three mile loop. I am eating my Daily points, sometimes maybe having one or two left over, and sometimes I use a couple of weekly extra points. But it's going terribly slowly. Slow enough to make it hard to keep motivated.
Okay....whining session has to be over now. I walk again tomorrow, and hopefully the temperature will cooperate.

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