Sunday, December 18, 2011


I'm listening to "A Prairie Home Companion" and cleaning my room (or I was, anyway). We've had  a busy day today, but for now I'm relaxing.
Jay changed up the pancakes this morning, adding blueberries to his repertoire.  I am not a big fan, so he was nice enough to make some plain for me.
While I sit on the bed and lean against the new pile of ridiculous pillows - Jay is grading the rolls of wheat pennies he got at the antique mall yesterday.   Speaking of, we went to Lebanon yesterday to check out the antique stores.  The very first one we stopped at had the cheese place (and a gas station, ew) attached to it.  I was apparently the only one who thought it was funny, but at least Miah was willing to get out of the car and have her picture taken with the big wedge of cheese.  Laurel put her foot down - no fun, that one. 
I found a double edged boot knife for when Laurel starts dating.  I caught her later in the kitchen looking at it and smiling while she did her little " I'm excited" sway.  I knew she had some of me in her! She's under orders to keep it hidden until she's older.
Jay got a day off on Friday for donating blood that morning.  He still worked a couple of hours, but came home in time for lunch, so we took our free couple of hours to go look for some shelves for Laurel's room and an air mattress and sheets for Sheila's visit.   We found a really cool shelf/cabinet/dresser thing for her.  It has a brass plate that says it was made especially by the furniture company for the lady who bought it.  I thought that was a great detail.  We had to go get Laurel from school too soon to be able to take it home before hand, so we left it there and went to Sonic for some tea.  Did you know they sold apple slices and fat free caramel there?  We had some, rather than the french fries and burgers we would have been happy to eat. Yay us!  We sat in the car and ate our apples and talked for a while, and pulled out the cards from a game Jay picked out for Sheila's visit, and we were laughing our butts off while we were waiting for Boo in the parking lot.
After we got the kids we came back for the furniture - we had to make two trips in the Jeep. Jay and I carried the top part out to the car, but when we walked in to get the bottom half, as I was picking my side up this guy offered to take my side because it was to heavy (He thought) half joking I said "I'm insulted!"  and then had the gall to call Jay by his rank, and say "No, really, let me help!"  So after the third time, and while we are already carrying this thing and very carefully navigating through a crowded shop I said, "Listen dude, I'm an Army wife, and my balls are bigger than yours, buddy."  He shut up.  I only wish I could have seen his face, but my back was to him as he was trying to take the dresser from me.  For a minute I was a little ashamed that I was so crass, but then I changed my mind.  This is 2011, and when a woman says she doesn't need your help, you listen, because she means it.  Respect that.   Besides, I'm a hell of a lot tougher than that skinny little dude.  I'm pretty strong!  The last time I let a man carry something for me, the moron ripped a huge hole in my couch because he wasn't careful enough.  I prefer to do my own grunt work!
Anyway, it was a pretty good weekend.  We're all ready for our guests, so if you decide to come early, we'd only be happier!! I can't wait!!

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