Tuesday, December 6, 2011


JAY let Miah buy Harley a shirt.  ?!?  Harley wore the bandana to the vet to "protect her" as Miah put it.  Harley didn't really care that Miah was "hugging her from school with the bandana" she freaked out.  When we got her, it was from a foster family who took her in after she was rescued from a puppy mill.  No one had wanted her, so they stuck her in a tiny cage, where she had no room to move and was covered in ants, fleas and ticks.  she was still pretty banged up when we got her, so I can't imagine how bad she was then.  Long story short, Harley isn't really into strangers.  Especially when they are stabbing her with needles.  I warned the guy (Who was a SPC in the Army) that she might freak out, so he had to muzzle her.  She promptly peed all over the place, and let of this stench of fear that made me gag.  My poor baby.  Dobby got the guy back though, when she bit him on the finger through the make shift muzzle.  She wasn't playing.  Harley got really upset when Dobby started crying, and lunged at the guy, but thankfully I had her leash wrapped up my arm.  I almost cried when Harley reacted that way.  It's good to know she loves her doggy sister as much as she loves us.  I don't have to worry about anyone's safety while she's around!  You may remember my last trip to the vet was when we had to put Chet to sleep, so I was already a little out of sorts.  Thankfully, though, no one was too injured at the end of the trip, and they are all up to date on their shots and are chipped in case they get lost.  Glad that's over!

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