Thursday, December 1, 2011


The rack is from At Home America. As soon as I saw it I knew I could turn it into something that would solve a problem for me.  The cool thing is that I make my own jewelry...the uncool thing is that I don't sell it, so I have piles of the stuff.  I can't ever find anything, and it's a big pain. 
I used two curtain rod hangers and attached the rack to the wall, then hung all of my fish hook earrings on it.  There are clips soldered to the bars, so if I wanted to I could cut squares of screen (Like from a screen door) and use those to store my post earrings, and clip them onto the rack too.  I didn't do that in the end, because I now have enough space in the armoire Jay bought me to store the rest of my stuff.
I was really excited when I got the huge box in the mail the other day, but couldn't figure out why it was so big...all I bought was the rack, and a wire TP holder....I about died laughing when I opened the box, and it was almost all air pouches.

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