Monday, August 13, 2012

Welcome to Band Camp!!

I forgot how beautiful it is here before 7am.  The fog was beautiful, lazily floating in the nooks and crannies of the mountains.


This morning I was awakened in a very strange way.  One second I was floating in dreamland, the next Laurel was bursting through my door, a little ball of nerve and coffee induced energy.  She was fully dressed, and bouncing around my room like a rubber ball.  She giggles, and says "I'll make you a cup of coffee, it's time to get up!"  I asked her of course, "What the hell is wrong with you?" She came back with another giggle, and squealed "Band CAMP, Mama!" I rolled over and stared at my clock for a minute, wondered why I was so blind, then realized my glasses were on the table.  The clock is glowing "6:01".  Shit.
And now, there's the end of my summer. 
It's okay, though.  When we got to the high school there was a huge line of cheerleaders outside the door.  They were even perkier than Boo, squealing and bobbing around like insane cheerleares are wont to do. I drove around the throng, just knowing that they were going to take forever helping out the newbie cheer freaks.  As I drove around, I heard, "WELCOME TO BAND CAMP!!"
Ha ha Laurel!  She tried to go around them and slip through the back door to the band room, but one of them ran after her and dragged her back to the first door.  They made her walk the line while they squealed at her in excitement.  
And now, there goes all of Laurel's perky insanity.  

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