Saturday, August 11, 2012

Antique store treasure and Wistful History

On the back : "Clinton Academy" Juliette Gihnu , Fannie Dunham, Belle Alexander, Lulu Dunham, Laura Knoles, Myrtle Aifter, Audrey Knoles, and Kellie Walters (some of the names I can't make out.  I'm still trying to figure them out.
Apparently, Clinton Academy existed from 1879 to 1896 in Clinton, Missouri.

1879: Clinton Academy founded, by W. H. Stahl.
1881: Clinton Academy taken over by E. P. Lamkin.
1882: Clinton Academy moves to former Presbyterian Church building..
1884: Clinton Academy incorporated and authorized to grant degrees.
1895: Clinton Academy closed.

It's strange, but that's all I found about the school, other than the fact that the fraternity Phi Sigma Pi originated there, and that there was a hazing incident.
The lines in the photo are from my soon to be defunct scanner.  The picture has a great sepia tone, and I love the subject.  They look like they are an all girl cast for some Shakespearean play.

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