Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Step Back in Time, in More Than One Way

At the first plantation we visited in Williamsburg.

Jay's Brother Jason, and Miah walking together.

Laurel in front of the James River

Jason Skipping rocks for Miah.  She accidentally called him Daddy. lol

Looking for good rocks to skip.

Miah was picking dandelions and tossing them into the pond so that they would float face up.

At the Shirley Plantation 

Chilling at the cotton house.

Waiting for Jason to call us back.

Laurel, and that small grin -thing we both do.

Miah, Laurel, and Kelly (Jason's Wife) at the James river.

Jason and Kelly

Miah checking out the indian hut in Jamestown

Mashing corn

Feeding the chickens.  Miah was also talking to them, and making them coo at her.  Animals ALWAYS talk to her.  Weird.

Miah and Daddy

Laurel and MIah in front of the replicas of the boats the first settlers came here on.

As close as Laurel would get to the edge of the boat.
Fixing Miah's bonnet.

Jason and Jay

Miah reading Twilight in her new froggy hat.

At a scenic overlook somewhere on the road.

Looking at the mountains.


Jay laying in the bunk on the boat.

On the boat in Jamestown. (my pics got scrambled!)

The doorway of the sleeping quarters on the boat.

See the floor? Laurel refused to step out onto it.

Jay and Miah on the deck of the boat outside the CPT's quarters.

The passenger space.

Jay standing in on of the "rooms" the sailcloth serving as walls.

Miah laying in yet another bed.  She laid down in ever single bed we encountered.

By the cannon.

On the way to the boats.

Miah and Kelly trying on the Spanish armor.

SSG America.  lol

The three stooges.  Just kidding!

And another bed...

Jason, hung over, tired, and I think regretting his birthday celebration.

Miah in costume, doing something we've never seen her doing!

A fancy bed this time, Jay explaining "sleep tight" and rope beds.

The church in Jamestown.

Listening to the guy tell us about the building.

Fixing Miah's hair so she can hear her bonnet.

Isn't she cute?

Miah thought this was a wooden candelabra.  I laughed my head off when she finally figured out it was a rake. 

I need one of these at home.

I have 'em right where I want 'em.

Miah's full costume.

Picnic lunch! IT was so quiet in downtown Williamsburg.  Loved it!

Both girls, in their new costumes.  Too cute.

Jay waiting to see his brother for the first time.  He was soooo impatient!

I can't believe he put this on!

Kelly, cute as a bug.

Jason, checking out the Cracker Barrel store.  They'd never been to one!

I told them to strike a pose. 

Talking alone.  Not without onlookers though.

Laurel and her new Monkey Hat.
More picture to come later.  I thought this was quite enough for now!! 

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Kathy Smith said...

Those girls are case you did not know know already. ;) And I had no idea Jay had a brother! Looks like y'all had a great day!