Monday, May 21, 2012

Old Man River, Just Keeps Rollin'

Waiting at the launch site. I had to say terribly inappropriate things to get this smile from Boo.

Overlooking the launch site.

Next time....I'm going to swing!

How cool is this ex-tree? (Miah's word for it.)


This thing was at least four inches long.  I didn't spot any adults all day, but we sure heard them!

I could do this every weekend.

Miah kept steering into our canoe so we could touch.  Feeling insecure, maybe?


Racing against the current.

Love this house's spot.

Turtle turtle

I'm told these are at least 150 feet high.  The cliffs, not the family. lol

Birds followed us the entire trip.

Lunch time.  Miah was much more interested in the water.

Miah and Laurel were nonplussed.  Both asking what in the world someone would want this combination for. I found it funny.  Angry birds and bourbon on a river...
Laurel did a great job steering.

The crane did not want to be photographed, but I tried.
This is sort of a decent shot. 
That's it!  Twelve miles down the Gasconade River.  The last mile was hell, but the first eleven were great.  I can't wait to do it again.

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