Friday, November 11, 2011

Getting out of the house is a GOOD thing.

Too many sad things have happened this week.  I don't think Miah can take any more.  Her fish got really sick, after of course, we spent serious money making his fish tank all pretty...and he survived the two day trip over here.  He died today, and Miah really lost her mind.  She's also incredibly upset that my mom's husband's mom Deenie died yesterday.  We've been a little short with each other the past couple of days because of all the moving stress, and emotional we got out of the house for a while.
We started out looking for a place called "Bo Peeps Ceramics" which turned out to be a store full of figurines, and not cool dish ware as we hoped.  We didn't even bother going in.  Just down the road a bit was a place called the "Talbot House" which was built in the 1800's and was full of cool antiques...and one friendly and funny old man.  He had been a soldier, and a school teacher..retired from both.  He actually got Laurel to talk to him, which is a BIG deal.  She laughed, and blushed as he teased her, and of course he raved over how cute Miah was.  He was so excited about Jay's being a soldier, and kept telling us how wonderful our family was.  I love it when people praise you for your well behaved children.  It's so much nicer than those jerks who want to judge you for the occasional times when they aren't having the best day.
I found  a salt and pepper set there that match the orange pitcher my dad used to drink OJ out of as a kid at his grandma's house.  Little fruit shaped things made in Japan.  Nothing special, except for the story my dad told me about that pitcher and glass set.  I also came away with a coin that Keith (The antique store owner) gave us.  An appreciation coin from the American legion, he said for my service as well as Jay's.  I forgot today was Veteran's day, but I got the impression that he's like this any day of the week.  We talked to him for quite a while, and as he was tallying up our purchases, he ended up giving me the salt and pepper shakers for free.  We will definitely be going back.  We all loved it there!  He had a great old player piano that plays ten different songs...and he cranked that thing up like six times because we were so fascinated  (as is could tell he really got a kick out of it)  he told us all about it, and took it apart so Miah could see the innards.  It looks like a giant music box.  Miah can't wait to go back...and is going to be saving her money to buy a carousel that spins and plays music.  I won't be holding my breath.  She forgets easily.
I know I sort of skipped over Ron's mom's passing...and his cousin Stacy died yesterday also.  I didn't know either of them very well, but my kids loved Deenie.  Miah is taking it especially hard, and we are all really upset for Ron.  I hate it when someone passes away and you have nothing to say.  I hate "I'm sorry"  and saying anything else is really just not good enough.  Ron is incredibly lucky that he had his parents as long as he did.  He got to love them, and get to know them...and spent a lot of time with them.  I hope that he is able to realize how  wonderful and lucky that really is.
Ron...even though you aren't genetically linked to me or my kids, I believe we all choose who our family is.  You are our family.  We love you just like you were our dad, father-in-law, and Poppy.  We are thinking about you, and sending you happy, healing thoughts.  The kids wrote you notes, and drew you a couple of pictures, and just as soon as I find that pesky post office, I'll send them to you. 

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