Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Miah rode with Jay, so the dogs got the whole back seat.  They don't look happy though!


Worst pic ever!  But you can still sort of read it!

Not my favorite state at all.
Holy cow, we're here!  Also on our second audio book now.  Dean Koontz kept Laurel and me from dying of boredom.

The road to post.  Middle of nowhere?  Looks like home to me!  Check out the mail box! Haha!

I wish we hadn't missed the leaves turning.  We missed fall altogether!

Just a few miles left, thank god!

Forest fire!!  Hope this doesn't happen often!  My allergies killed me.  It was crazy.
Two days...16 hours of driving....we are here....and are already signed for a new house.  Just like that!  I never thought it would actually go so smoothly!  I was seriously disappointed to the point of tears...the new house is much smaller than the one we just left...and it has a lot of oddities.  I'm sure I'll get used to it, especially since I have no choice! We have to unload the truck, then call the moving office so they can bring our stuff home.  I can't wait to get my stuff back!!!

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