Saturday, June 5, 2010


Since I was a little girl, I've loved thunderstorms. My dad used to take Jason and me outside during particularly spectacular ones so that we could feel the electricity in the air. I'm not sure Jason really got it, but I fell in love. I've seen and heard all sorts of crazy things, ball lightning being one of my favorites, but the thunder has always been my very favorite thing. In the Valley where I grew up the thunder bounced off the mountains like a rubber ball. The sound boomed from one end of the fields to the other and seemed to last for full minutes. Wonderfully enough, it does the same thing here. I caught some of it, and even a small flash if lightening right in front of me (I never saw it, not until I loaded the video up on the computer. You have to look carefully, it's fast!)
I love the sound of rain beating down on the leaves, I'm sad that the sound doesn't really translate well on the video.
Jay thought I was crazy for going outside with my camera. Not that he said so, but he gave me that look...Laurel was still asleep and in fact slept through all of the noise...but my girl Miah was right behind me squealing and giggling the whole time. It was really hard to get her to keep quiet for the video, and in fact I think you can hear her in the background in one of them.

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