Saturday, June 5, 2010

Miah's Dollhouse

I've been meaning to post these pictures for a long while now, but I seem to have been caught up in actually living life, rather than talking about it, so I've been seriously behind lately. As long as my patience holds out I'll get semi caught up today.

On a random day a while back the whole family went out on a shopping trip, not looking for anything in particular, just bored. When I saw this dollhouse at Tuesday Morning, I got excited. Miah loves to play with her blocks. We've posted pictures of her before, setting up towns, using her soldiers to play war with Daddy, and building crazy buildings with her Lincoln logs.

I thought immediately that a wooden doll house would be her new favorite thing. It was! Tuesday Morning is a great store, tons of cool things at sale prices, so we got this usually $100.00 set for $40.00. We brought it home, Miah and I built it together, and had a ball playing with it. Miah grabbed all of her Polly Pockets and set up the entire house to look like a miniature sorority house. I went back to the store later and picked up the Pet Shop set, and the Ice Cream store, which greatly added to Miah's story lines. I charged her $1500.00 to wash her little cat, telling her that it was feral, and almost killed me, so she says "Okay, not an issue. Here's your money, and I think that's enough you won't sue me, right?" I almost died laughing.
Miah loves this dollhouse, even passing up tv time to set things up, so I put her things together on one of the Front Room tables so that she doesn't have to drag it downstairs when she wants to play. Every once in a while I hear "Mom, check this out!" and she's done some new silly things with her props. Last week she hid the cat and asked me to hunt him down, she has also stuffed tiny rubber shoes into drawers, and did I mention the toilet has a lid, and you can hide things in it?
Miah is nothing if not entertaining. I can't wait to see if she can get her Daddy to play with it too. I just know he'll be planning house raids, or Indian attacks or something. I'll be around the corner sneaking pictures!

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