Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Miah is TEN!

Today my youngest is in the double digits. I can't believe it. I remember her babyhood like it was yesterday. She was such a stinker! She still is, but in different ways now. She's funny, energetic, excitable, loving, puzzle solving, sarcastic and artistic. She prides herself in being just like her daddy, loves her puppies, webkins, computer games, Spongebob, and Tom and Jerry.
She is a little bomb just waiting to explode. Constantly running circles around Harley through the kitchen, art room, and hallways. Squealing, screaming, and laughing. Drawing portraits of strangers and pausing to give them their pictures. She elicits smiles and compliments, smiling in her devilish way, and always telling strangers way more than they ever wanted to know about whatever is interesting her at the moment. She builds castles, and cities with her blocks, tells stories about them to her dolls, and playacts for her audience. She isn't always so cute, she'll drive you nuts...but I'm counting on her complete uniqueness and strength to make her one hell of an interesting adult. I can't wait.

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