Friday, January 13, 2012



That's better!
You might be wondering what the hell that is...
Its a doughnut from a locally owned shop.  They call it the butterfly...but that's not what my first thought was!
Jay and I had a date today.  We traditionally drop whatever we are doing and go out on  Friday the 13th.  Just 'cause.  We went to the one Japanese restaurant in town, and thank goodness it was great!  Then we went to the doughnut shop and raced home to watched "Never Let Me Go".  It's an interesting movie, but the ending was a little disappointing for me.  We had just enough time to get this all in before we had to go pick Laurel up from school.  Great day!

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Kathy Smith said...

Are you a Friday the 13th lover? Sister, this gets down right scary sometimes. In my previous marriage some million years ago I decided on Friday the 13th.(just because)of course it did not pan out but i have no doubts the outcome would have been differnt had I chosen Sat. the 14th.