Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Letters Home

Good morning! Or at least it is here in North Pole Alaska! For you guys it's 11:30, and lunch time, and here the Goffs are just waking up and getting breakfast started.
Yesterday was quite the adventure. Between driving to Glasgow to drop off the kids, and then catching a flight the next day I spent about 16 hours traveling. The first flight to Minnesota was on a tiny plane, so for about two hours I squirmed in my seat trying to get comfortable, and read the 2nd Percy Jackson novel (Laurel, I should have waited until I got home, because every time I laughed I wanted to share the joke with you!) I had a mile walk between the gates to catch my next flight (St. Paul airport, just bite me!) and I knew I was going to regret that 40 lb carry-on bag!
7 hours, one engine blown on a 747, two bathroom breaks, one foot fallen asleep, and two hours of "The Ghost Writer" later, and I'm hugging my best friend in the tiniest airport I've ever seen, at 9:30 PM, in complete daylight. This is going to be a great trip!
God, I miss you guys. Laurel, your Polar bear webkin makes a great sleeping companion, and so does your Woobie, Jay. And Miah, you didn't send me off with anything :( So I'll have to find my Miah thing here, and make it yours when I get home.
I love you!

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