Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Letters Home: Going Shopping

Good Morning!

I love this shot. She was so sweet.

She decided I was cool to hang with.

Thank you for the shoes, Laurel!

Eielson Air Force Base. We shopped at the commisary, which was tiny. The cool thing was that they were flying the fighter planes overhead while we were outside, and while they were making sharp turns, flipping, and flying low the sound was deafening. Avery was in heaven.
We had lunch at LuLu's Bagels. I had a cranberry turkey sandwich on sourdough and a mocha. God it was good!
He has been stealing my nose all day. Sometimes sticking it on his forehead, sometimes throwing it away. Laughing his tiny laugh the whole time. I'm nuts about this kid I haven't seen since he was three months old.
Where's your belly button?
At Blueberry Baby, the clerks can take their kids to work, and the kids loved playing with the baby.
Playing in the play area at the most child friendly shop ever.
Avery said " Look, Avery's a very big BOY!"
Then he yells, "I gotcha!" and squeezed my neck to death. I have a new friend.
He laid on the floor for a while, just cuddling with the tulle.
Very proud of her picture.

I really want to find these on the internet. They had a canteen that's big enough to hold the whole family's drink, and they are insulated. Cool store. I want to go back!
We stopped at Gulliver's Books and I got a whole stack of books for the kids. Avery begged for an I spy book, so I hooked him up. When we got back to the house we played with it, and when he found the items, he squealed with joy.
I didn't get pictures at the Enchanted Forest shop because it was too crazy, but it's a really cool store. I bought Miah a loom so she can make potholders, and if she likes it, I can teach her to make bigger things. I went a little nutty with the souvenirs for the kids. I hope you kiddos like them! I may have to ship these thing home in a box!
I still miss you guys. I hope you are having fun at Manny's!

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Anonymous said...

Your welcome for the shoes :P

I started posting on my blog, just so my kentucky/georgia friends could see where we spend our summer-time. Poppy's glasses are a HUGE hit! Ben is absolutely in love with them, plus he's talking about Pete like he's an Olympian god. I am also getting laughed at by everyone because instead of saying "I swear to god" its "I swear to Zeus" Lolz