Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Weight Watchers

Just a quick update, I lost .4 this week, Jay lost bunches more...
One question I'd like all of you to answer, When you do your grocery shopping, how do you do it?
I make a two week menu, then a list (in the order in which the items are stocked in the store, so it's easier) then I hit the store. Every meal is planned, and I never have to wonder what is in the kitchen. Now, at the meeting this week, we were discussing how to be prepared, and not have foods that would sabotage your weight loss goal. When I told everyone my method, I was met with incredulous gasps, which surprised me. One person said I was too regimented and if you know me, I think you are laughing right now. Too organized? Me? I wish! I can't figure out how anyone else shops. Leave me a comment, and let me know!

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