Wednesday, February 20, 2013


There is finally an app for blogging from my IPad. This will make things on the go so much easier!

The other day, Jay was telling me about a game he used to play in New Hampshire with his mom. It's a card game that is somehow a car racing game, and it's in French. Just a few days later we were at Goodwill, and he found it on a shelf! What a strange and funny coincidence! I grabbed it, of course, and put it in the cart. Later, Jay changed his mind and was going back and forth about spending money on it, since he didn't remember the French. He was bugging me, so I took the deck out and put it on a shelf. Still later, Jay snuck back and sheepishly placed it back into the cart. I didn't say anything, but I giggled a little in the inside. I mean, it was just a dollar!
The Miahs found the directions in English online, and have been playing it at almost every opportunity. I thought it was really cool. It's not like Jay has a lot to share with the kids from his childhood.

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Kathy Smith said...

You must send me the app info. I only have a ipod but blogging photos would be easier maybe.