Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wistful History

I wish I knew where this was. There are several slides of this fire, and it looks to have been a really big one.
I'm thinking of starting a monthly Wistful History post. I  have a lot of really great old photos I'd like to scan and share. I actually got Sheila to look at some photos at an antique store in Greensburg, and I think she caught the bug.
I don't know why I like them, maybe I just enjoy imagining what their lives were like, and what they were doing before and after the picture was taken. Some of the pictures are posed and generic, and the treasure is in the clothes they wear, or the objects around them.  Some are of people doing something funny, or odd. Yes, I think I've talked myself into it. Let's say the 13 th of every month (so I'll remember) I'll post a photograph with any info on the back, and where I got it.
I'm also going to get back into the Idle Wednesday habit. I loved doing it, and it helped me get into the art room. Now that school has started I'll be able to escape to my art room for an hour or two without the kids searching me out.

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