Tuesday, February 7, 2012

365 ? I might give up!

I'm exhausted.  I think I've been sick for a full three weeks and have just refused to acknowledge it. Right now I'm sneaking a few seconds to myself, but I feel bad because the kids are hauling in the groceries alone. The groceries Jay offered to get because I wasn't feeling well....but I'm not going to let him do the shopping after a full day of work!!  I was mostly fine, until the debt card wouldn't work.  I knew I had money, so I tried again.  Then I tried the credit card, and IT wouldn't work!!!  WTF?  I freaked out and then tried the other card, and it was fine.  You know that feeling? When everyone at walmart stares at you like you are some kind of poor bum? I wanted to scream at the whole line of morons..."I HAVE money, it's her MACHINE!"  but I didn't.  I started sweating and ran like hell to the car.  I hate today, and the hard part isn't even over yet.  Shit.

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