Saturday, September 17, 2011


Sammy, Laurel, Me, Jeremiah, April, Ben, Matthew, Miah and Luke. 
Ben and April drove down to see Laurel preform this weekend.  Unfortunately they only got to stay for one full day...which mean they were in a car for at least 20 hours this weekend!  Holy cow!  I can't tell you how much we appreciated you guys coming down.  We knew it was a hard drive, but it was a great visit.  I hope we can do it again soon. 
Harley is well on her way to learning how to behave around strangers.  She startled us a few times with some crazy barking, but it was nothing like the first time we had visitors!  We are using a squirt bottle and water to let her know she needs to shut up, which works so much better than tearing your own hair out and crying.

Laurel's halftime show went really well.  The opposing team's band wasn't as good as ours, but the football team kicked our team's butt.  I was really excited to be able to share the experience with BJ.  It's a lot different watching the field when it's your kid out there. It's hard to describe.
BJ and Jay both rode the buses to make sure the kids behaved, so that left me, April, and the kids to ride in the Jeep.  We yacked our heads off the entire six hours we were driving.  The buses were only driving between 45 and 55 miles the entire way, and I didn't have the directions to and from the school so we had to follow them.  I was getting pretty irritated (Not to mention tired at 1am and we were still driving) but I changed my mind when we nearly hit a couple of deer.  I sort of stopped complaining about the speed after that.  Sort of.  I'm not very patient. 
Poor Sammy got sick while we were at the stadium.  The Band boosters must think there is something really wrong with our family, because someone has gotten sick at almost every game. I hated to have to drive non stop while he was sick in the car.  I wanted to be able to stop and help him out, but we would have been so lost!  Next time I'm not going to make the same mistake!  DIRECTIONS!  My poor car got christened the USS Vomit. lol 

This was the last visit from anyone until we move.  We already have visits planned for the new year, and sometime after everything is settled, and Jay knows how his new unit operates, we are going to have to make a plan to drive back home.  I'm not sure how much I'm going to want to travel after moving, unpacking, then having visitors so soon, so everyone is going to have to try to be patient, OR everyone could all come see us!  All are welcome!  (Just as long as I have a couple of days between each visit!!!)

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